1. Is burning a chemical reaction?
2. What happens when substances burn?
3. What are oxidation reactions?
4. Is rusting an oxidation reaction? Why?
5. Rusting is a very slow type of burning reaction. True or false.
6. What are fossil fuels? Give examples.
7. When a fossil fuel burns, what reaction takes place?
8. What is an oxyacetylene torch?
9. Burning is also known as _______.
10. Explain how a car combustion engine works.
11. How do rocket fuels help to put a space shuttle in orbit?
12. Which are the liquid and solid fuels used in a rocket?
13. What is a backdraught? Why is it dangerous to firefighters?
14. How does a soda-acid fire extinguisher work?
15. What are methane, ethanol, butane and propane used for?


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