1. Define corrosion. Give three examples.
2. What is the most common kind of corrosion that we see around us?
3. _______ is the product of the corrosion of iron.
4. Describe the chemical reaction that takes place during rusting.
5. Express the chemical reaction of rusting as a word equation.
6. Does steel rust?
7. How are buildings, bridges, ships and cars protected from rusting?
8. In what kinds of areas are corrosion rates highest?
9. Why do people living in seaside homes have problems with rusting of their cars?
11. What is surface protection? How does it protect iron and steel from rusting?
12. What is galvanizing? How does it prevent rusting?
13. Name two objects that are made of galvanized iron.
14. Although aluminum is a very reactive metal, aluminum soft drink cans do not corrode. Why?
15. How do hand warmers used by skiers and campers produce heat?

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