Acids and Bases

1. Write 2 properties of acids. Name three things you can find at home that contains an acid.
2. Write 3 properties of bases.
3. Why is caustic soda the main ingredient in drain cleaners?
4. Name three corrosive acids that you can find in your chemistry lab.
5. Which acid is found in (a) oranges and lemons. (b) fizzy drinks. (c) vinegar. (d) yoghurt
6. Which base make cakes rise when they bake?
7. What are alkalis?
8. Explain what are acid base indicators. Give 3 examples.
9. When I dip a litmus paper in an unknown liquid, the litmus turns blue. What does this tell me about the liquid?
10. __________ acid in the stomach helps our food to digest.
11. How does an antacid tablet treat indigestion?
12. How do some tablets protect themselves from being digested by the acid in the stomach?
13. Explain what is a pH scale.
14. What does it tell us about a substance if (a) the pH is less than 7. (b) the pH is equal to 7. (c) the pH is more than 7.
15. What is the pH of pure water?
16. What is a neutralization reaction? Give 2 examples.
17. What is the difference between a sting from a bee and a wasp sting and their treatment?
18. Why is chlorine added to swimming pool water?
19. What reaction causes tooth decay?
20. Why is pickling used to preserve some foods?
21. If a soil is too acidic how can you neutralize it?


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