1.  What is resistance?

2.  The unit of resistance is __________.

3.  What is the symbol for resistance?

4.  Write the equation that is used to measure resistance.

5.  Which are the four factors affecting the resistance of a conductor ?

6.  If I double the length of a copper wire, what happens to its resistance ?

7.  I have two pieces of copper wire. One has double the cross sectional area than the other. Which wire will have less resistance?

8.  If i have a long, thin nichrome wire and a long, thin copper wire, which one should I use to have the least resistance?

9.  A copper wire is heated. Does its resistance increase or decrease?

10.  When a current flows through a resistance, there is a ____________ ( cooling/ heating ) effect.

11.  Explain how the principle of resistance is used in a light bulb.

12.  Give one reason why  tungsten used to make the filament of a bulb ?

13.  Is tungsten an element or a compound?

14.  Heating elements, as in toasters, hairdryers etc, are made of _____________ wire.  It is made of ________ and  ________.

15.  When drawing a diagram, what is the symbol that represents a heating element?


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