1.  What is Voltage?

2.  What is the scientific name for voltage?

3.  Voltage is measured with a ____________.

4.  The unit of voltage is __________.

5.  If a cell has 1 volt, this means that 1 joule of potential energy is given to 1 coulomb of charge. Yes or No.

6.  What is Electromotive force (EMF)?

7.  What is the difference between electromotive force and voltage?

8.  Can a higher potential difference be created by connecting many cells in series?

9.  In this diagram, there are 2 bulbs of different voltages connected to a cell forming a circuit.


a.  Is all the energy supplied by the cell radiated by the bulbs?

b.  Do you think any energy is used in the connecting wires?

c.  Which principle regarding potential difference is illustrated in this diagram?

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