Electric Current

1.  What is an electric circuit?

2.  What is the function of a battery in a circuit?

3.  What happens when the switch is turned off in a circuit?

4.  Draw a circuit diagram using some of these circuit symbols.



5.  What is an electric current?

6.  Name the unit of current.

7.  Which device is used to measure current?

8.  The current is the same at all points round a simple circuit. Is it?

9.  Does putting an ammeter into a circuit affect the current flowing through it ?

10.  If the charge flowing in a circuit is 1 coulomb per second, the current in the circuit is _______ ampere.

11.  Write an equation connecting  ‘charge’, ‘current’ and ‘time’.

12.  How is the conventional current direction different from the direction of the actual electron flow?

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