Electric Charge

1.  A charged object will attract any uncharged object close to it. Right or wrong?

2.  Why does a TV screen attract dust?

3.  Describe what happens when a positively charged rod is brought near a small piece of aluminium foil with a diagram.

4.  Electrostatic charge can be detected using a device called the ___________.

5.  What is Induction?

6.  What is Earthing?

7.  Why is it necessary to earth an aircraft and its tanker while refuelling?

8.  What will happen if we touch a metal can that is charged by induction?

9.  Electrostatic precipitators are fitted to chimneys of some power stations and factories. What do they do? How?

10.  Explain  how  elecrostatic charge is used in inkjet printers and photocopiers.

11.  The unit of charge is _________.

12. Usually charge is measured in __________.

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