1.   An adult human skeleton contains ______  bones.

2.   Do you know how many bones are there in one hand?

3.   Three important functions of bones.

4.   Which is the largest bone in the body?

5.   The smallest bone is the ________, which is found in the _________, and is _________ millimetres  long.

6.   Describe the structure of a bone.

7.   Blood cells are made in the bone marrow. True or False.

8.   Are bones alive? Why do you think so?

9.   Two minerals which are very important for healthy bones.

10.  Until we reach the age of about 20, ____________ is being gradually replaced by bone.

11.  What is ossification?

12.  Why do older people break their bones easily?

13.  Three parts of the body that are made of cartilage.

14.  What is a greenstick fracture? Why is it more common in children?

15.  What is osteoporosis?

16.  We can protect ourselves from osteoporosis by having a healthy diet rich in _____________.

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