Sound of Music


1.   All sounds are caused by ____________________.

2.   Explain what happens when we speak and how we hear it.

3.   What is pitch?

4.   The faster an object vibrates, the __________ the pitch.

5.   A short string has a higher pitch than a long one when it vibrates. Why?

6.   A plucked guitar string makes very little sound on its own. Why does it make a much louder sound when it is attached to a guitar?

7.   In an electric guitar what makes the sound louder?

8.   Three ways in which the pitch of the sound made by a guitar can be increased.

9.   Explain how different sounds are produced in a saxophone.

10. Describe how musical instruments like violin, keyboard, & flute make musical sounds.

11. What do all musical instruments have in common about the way they make sound?

12. Explore the insides of a grand piano and how it works.



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