1.   When you look in a mirror, you see a ______________ of yourself.

2.   How are images in mirrors formed?

3.   How can we see images of the surroundings on a still lake but not on a rushing stream?

4.   Define the Law of Reflection.

5.   Why can’t we see our reflection on a brick wall?

6.   Which kind of mirror shows the image upside down?

7.   What type of mirror is used to see around corners?

8.   Explain with a diagram how a periscope works.

9.   What is lateral inversion? Give an example.

10.  Why is the word ‘AMBULANCE’ printed in reverse?

11.   Look at your image on the convex side of a spoon. Move the spoon closer to you and then further away. Do the same with the concave surface. Note what you observe.

12.   How is your image in the plane mirror different from the real you?

13.   What kind of lenses is used in eyeglasses to correct eyesight?

14.   Why do dentists use concave mirrors to examine your teeth?

15.   Draw a diagram that shows how light reflects on a mirror to show our image.




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