Magnets, Magnetic Fields & Electromagnets


1. What are permanent magnets?

2. Most permanent magnets are alloys of these 3 elements.

3. The most common natural permanent magnetic substance is ___________, also called __________.

4. Why are things made of steel attracted by magnets?

5. What are temporary magnets?

6. Are all metals attracted to magnets?

7. Every magnet has a north pole and a south pole. True or False.

8. Like poles _______.

9. Unlike poles ________.

10. The north pole of a magnet points towards the ________ pole of the Earth.

Magnetic Fields:

1. What is a magnetic field?

2. Does Earth have a magnetic field? What about the sun and other planets?

3. What is a compass?

4. what happens when a magnet is brought close to a compass?

5. Do magnets point exactly to the geographical north and south poles?


1. What is an electromagnet?

2. How is an electromagnet used to separate iron and steel from other scrap metal?

3. Name the devices in which electromagnets are used.

4. Explain for what an electromagnet is used in a computer disk drive and in VCRs/cassette players.

5. What is a solenoid?


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