A force is a push or a pull.


A force can:

— start motion

— stop motion

— speed up motion

— slow down motion

— change the direction of motion

— change the shape of an object

— have no visible effect



1. What happens

a.    when a tennis ball is hit with a racquet

b.    when the heart beats

c.    when you write on paper with a pencil

d.    when you stretch a rubber band

e.    when you drop a tennis ball

f.    when a plastic ruler that is rubbed with a wool cloth is brought close to a thin stream of tap water

2. Write the names of three non-contact forces.

3. Most of the time there is more than one force acting on an object. True or False.

4. What are the different forces acting on a coin that is sliding/rolling  on the surface of a table?  Draw a diagram to show the direction of forces using arrows.

5. Why doesn’t  gravity make you fall through the floor?







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