Separating mixtures

1. What is filtration?

2. In the lab, filtration is carried out using _________.

3. The liquid passing through filter paper is called _______.

4. The material left on the filter paper is called _______.

5. How does a face mask, vacuum cleaner and tea strainer act as filters?

6. When you stir sugar in water, sugar __________ in the water.

7. You can separate a dissolved substance from a solution by filtration. True or False.

8. Define  a) sediment    b) suspension

9. Describe how distilled water can be made in the lab.

10. Write two uses of distillation.

11. What is decanting?

12. When can a separating funnel be used to separate two liquids?

13. What is centrifuging?

14. Explain how the spin-dry cycle of a washing machine acts as a centrifuge and filter.

15. How is centrifuging done in a lab?

16. We can separate mixtures of different colours using _____________.

17. How does paper chromatography work?

18. After an oil spill, how is oil separated from the water?

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