1. Explain the process of conduction.

2. Give three conditions that will make the transfer of thermal energy from one end of a metal bar to the other end faster.

3. Poor conductors are called ___________.

4. ____________ are the best thermal conductors.

5. Non-metal solids and liquids are ( poor/ good ) conductors.

6. ___________  are the worst conductors.

7. How does putting on lots of layers of clothes keep us warm?

8. Why does a metal door handle feel cold when we touch it? Inversely, why does a polystyrene tile feel warm when we touch it?

9. Arrange these metals in the order of how well they conduct heat, starting with the best conductor:

aluminium, steel, copper, iron,

10. Which is a better insulator:

Glass or water?

Plastic or rubber?

Glass or wood?

Arrange the above materials starting from the best insulator to the poorest.

11. Name four materials that contain trapped air and are used for insulating.

12. Conduct an experiment to show that water is a poor thermal conductor.

13. Why do birds fluff up their feathers when it is cold?

14. In cold countries , good home insulation means lower heating bills. Give four ways in which insulating materials are used to reduce thermal energy losses from a house.

15. Why are metals much better thermal conductors than most other materials?

16. Metals are good electrical conductors as well as thermal conductors. True or False.




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