The Gas Laws


1. In gases, a change in temperature can produce a change in _________ & __________.

2. What happens at the molecular level when the temperature of a gas is increased?

3. As the temperature of a gas rises, its pressure ____  (increases/ decreases).

4. A graph that shows the pressure of a gas at constant volume, plotted at different temperatures, will be a _________ (curve/ straight line).

5. What happens to a gas if it is cooled to a temperature of absolute zero?

6. The lowest possible temperature is ______.

7. When Kelvin temperature of a gas doubles, its pressure ______ (triples/ doubles).

8. Pressure divided by Kelvin temperature has the value 0.5  – True /False.

9. State the Pressure law.

10. What is an ideal gas?

11. Under what conditions does a real gas come close to being an ideal gas?

12. Express the Pressure law as a formula.

13. State Charle’s law.

14. Compare the Pressure law and Charle’s law.




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