Thermal Expansion


1. What is thermal expansion?

2. Most solids and liquids ________ when heated.

3. When a liquid is stored in a sealed container, a space is left at the top. Why?

4. How does kinetic theory explain thermal expansion?

5. Why are steel rods and not aluminium rods used to reinforce concrete?

6. Explain why an ordinary glass dish that is put straight into the oven cracks?

7. Why doesn’t a pyrex glass container crack?

8. What is usually done to allow expansion of bridges?

9. Why are overhead cables suspended from pylons left slack?

10. What is a bimetal strip?

11. What are thermostats used for?

12. Describe how a bimetal thermostat works in an electric heater.

13. When water freezes to ice, it _________ ( contracts/ expands)

14. Why do water pipes burst in winter?

15. Explain why water expands on freezing.

16. Ice has a __________ ( lower/ higher ) density than water.

17. Why does ice float on water?

18. Water has maximum density at ___ C.




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