More about ions


 1.  All elements form ions during reactions. Agree or disagree?

2.  Elements of Groups I & II form __________ ions.

3.  Elements of Group VI & VII form ________ ions.

4.  Why are the elements of Group IV & V reluctant to form ions?

5.  Group 0 elements do not form ions. Why?

6.  Write the formulae for

a. Lithium Fluoride

b. Sodium sulfide

7.  What is the chemical name for Epsom salt? What is it used for?

8.  Give examples of two transition elements that form only one type of ion?

9.  Most transition elements can form more than one type of ion. Do you agree?

10. Write the two types of ions that are formed by

a. copper

b. iron

Give example for each.

11. What are compound ions?

12. Draw the following compound ions:

a. ammonium ion

b. hydroxide ion

c. nitrate ion

d. sulfate ion

e. carbonate ion

f. hydrogen carbonate ion

Write a compound for each.





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