Compounds, Mixtures and Chemical change


1.  A  ____________ contains only one kind of atom.

2.  How is a compound formed?

3. There are millions of compounds. True or False?

4.  Write the formulae for the following compounds:

a. water          b. carbondioxide       c. ethanol

5.  How is a mixture different from a compound?

6.  How can you separate a mixture of iron and sulfur?

7.  Sulfur dissolves in _________.

8.  What happens when a mixture of iron powder and sulfur is heated? Write an equation.

9.  Write three signs that a chemical change has taken place.

10. A chemical change is also called a _____________.

11. Is burning gas while cooking a chemical reaction? How do you know?

12. Mixing iron powder with sulfur is a physical change. Give two reasons why you think so.

13. Dissolving sulfur in methylbenzene is a ___________ ( physical/chemical) change. Is it reversible?

14. Separating iron filings by filtering is a ________ ( physical/chemical) change.

15. If no new chemical substance is formed, it is a _______ ( physical/chemical) change.




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