Group O : the noble gases


1.  Name the noble gases.

2.  Why are they called noble gases?

3.  Write the four physical properties of noble gases.

4.  Why are noble gases unreactive?

5.  Although Helium is the second most abundant gas in the universe, why is there only traces of it in our atmosphere?

6.  We get Helium from _________  and the other noble gases by _______________  of liquid air.

7.  Which is denser- neon or xenon?

8.  The increasing boiling point down the group O is a sign of increasing attraction between atoms, which means it is harder for them to be gas. Do you agree or disagree?

9. Why are noble gases safe to use?

10.  Which property of the noble gases help us to use them for lighting  purposes?

11.  Two reasons why helium is used to fill balloons.

12.  Which noble gas is used to provide an inert atmosphere in tungsten light bulbs?

13.  Why is Argon used while welding metals?

14.  Neon is widely used in __________________.

15.  How do we get different coloured lights?

16. Two uses for krypton.

17.  What kind of light is given out by xenon? Where is it used?


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