Periodic Table


1.  ______________ is used to classify elements.

2. Elements in the periodic table are arranged in the order of their ________________.

3. Similar elements are arranged in ________________

4.  The rows are called ______________.

5. Electrons in the outer shell are also called _____________ electrons.

6. Elements in a group behave in a similar way because they have the same number of electrons in their outer shell. True or False.

7.  Group 0 elements are  _________________.

8. What is         a. nucleon number

b. proton number

9.  Write the names of these groups:

a- Group I

b- Group II

c- Group VII

d- Group 0

10.  The _____________ number tells us the number of electron shells in an atom.

11.  Over 80% of the elements are metals. True or False.

12.  What are the metallic elements in the middle of the periodic table called?

13.  Are there man made elements in the periodic table? What are they called? Give two examples. What is their chief characteristic?

14. As we go down Group I, the elements become  _____________ (more/less) reactive.

15. As we go down Group VII, the elements become less reactive. True or False.




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