Absorption & Assimilation


1. What is absorption?

2. Most absorption happen from the ___________.

3. ____________ is the lower part of the small intestine.

4. How is ileum adapted to perform the task of absorption?

5. What is villi? Draw a diagram to show its different parts. Label the parts.

6. Describe how food is absorbed in the villi.

7. Most of the remaining water is reabsorbed into the bloodstream from the ________.

8. Digested food is absorbed into the ___________.

9. All foods absorbed into the capillaries of the villi are first sent to the ___________.

10. What is the hepatic portal vein?

11. What is the main function of the liver?

12. Compare hepatic vein to hepatic portal vein.

13. In the liver, glucose is stored as ____________.

14. What is transamination and deamination?

15. What is detoxification?

16. What is assimilation?

17. How does consumption of alcohol affect the liver?



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