1. Which are the four different types of human teeth? What does each type do? How many of each type does an adult have?

2. Two main parts of a tooth.

3. Which is the hardest tissue in the body?

4. Enamel is made of ___________ salts.

5. ___________ forms the major part of the tooth.

6. ___________ is harder than bone and is made of calcium salts deposited on collagen fibres.

7. Which part of the teeth contains a series of fine canals?

8. ____________ helps anchor the tooth to the jaw.

9. What does the pulp cavity contain?

10. ___________ covers the junction between enamel and cement.

11. What does the periodontal membrane do?

12. How does Vitamin C deficiency lead to teeth falling out?

13. Name the two sets of teeth a human has during a lifetime.

14. By 18 months most children have _________ teeth.

15. An adult has ______ teeth.

16. How is plaque formed?

17. Describe how dental caries happens.

18. Three ways in which dental decay can be prevented.

19. Which mineral reduces the risk of dental decay?





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