Vitamins, minerals, water & fibre – Questions



1.  Another name for vitamin C.

2.  Two important sources of vitamin C.

3.  Deficiency of vitamin C leads to ________.

4.  ___________ protects cells from ageing.

5.  Is vitamin C water soluble?

6.  Another  name for vitamin D.

7.  List three important sources of vitamin D.

8.  Deficiency of vitamin D causes ______________.

9.  Can vitamin D be made by the body?

10.  Vitamin D is fat soluble. True or False.



11.  _____________ & ____________ are two important minerals needed by our body.

12.  Three sources of iron.

13.  Iron deficiency causes Anaemia. Why?

14.  Iron is added to foods when iron utensils are used for cooking. Agree or disagree.

15.  Three main sources of calcium.

16.  List three problems caused by low calcium levels in the human body.

17.  Deficiency of calcium causes ___________.



18.  Water forms ______% of human body.

19.  In the human body, two-thirds of the water is in the _____________ of cells and one-third is in  ____________ & ___________.

20.  Humans lose _____ litres of water each day in __________, ____________, ___________ & __________.

21. Three main ways in which our body gets water.

22.  A loss of 5% of the body’s water can lead to _______________ and a loss of 10% would lead to _____________.


Dietary fibre:

23.  What is dietary fibre?

24. How is dietary fibre useful?

25. What can happen if there is a shortage of dietary fibre?


Balanced diet:

26. For a balanced diet, how many servings of each food group is needed each day:

Carbohydrates –







Fortifiers & Additives:

27.  What are fortifiers?

28.  What are additives?

29.  Which additives do these numbers represent:






30.  Give one example each for a dangerous:

Food colouring-


Flavour enhancer-

31. Learn to read nutrition information on food packages.

32. What are residues? Name four common residues found in human food, how they end up there and their consequences.



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