Carbohydrates, Lipids & Proteins – Questions


1.  Why do organisms require food?

2.  Differentiate between autotrophic and heterotrophic nutrition.

3.  Describe a balanced diet.

4.  An imbalanced and inadequate diet leads to ______________.

5.  List the constituents of an ideal human diet.



6.  Rice, potatoes, wheat and other cereals are a good source of ___________.

7.  Food sweetenings and preservatives provide refined sugars such as _____________  &  ______________.

8.  Glucose is oxidized during _______________ to release energy.

9.  List some of the activities that the body needs energy for.

10.  Excess carbohydrate is stored as _____________ & _____________.

11.  Carbohydrates are digested in the ___________ & __________ and absorbed as _____________.

12.  What are slow release carbohydrates? As an energy source, how do they differ from refined sugars?



13.  Meat and animal foods are rich in _______________ & ______________.

14.  Plant sources such as seeds and nuts are rich in ________________ .

15.  Besides being an important source of energy , what are the four major functions of fats and oils in the human body? ( hint: the fact that they are insoluble in water helps )

16.  ______________ are made from cholesterol.

17.  Fats and oils are digested in the _________________ and absorbed as ______________ & _________________.

18.  Which are the two kinds of fatty acids?

19.  The body can store unlimited amounts of fat. This leads to ______________.

20.  Write two factors connected to fats and oils that causes diseases of the circulatory system.



21.  Write a note on soya bean.

22. ___________ & __________ are the main source of proteins from plants.

23.  _______________ is a low-fat substitute for meat.

24. _______________ is a vegetable protein used as ‘artificial’ meat.

25.  Enzymes, haemoglobin, muscles, hormones, antibodies are all made of _____________.

26.  Proteins are digested in the _____________ & ____________  and absorbed as _____________

27.  How many amino acids are needed to make all the different proteins in the human body?

28.  What are essential amino acids?

29.  Compare proteins from animal sources and those from plant sources.

30.  Extreme deficiency of protein causes ______________.

31.  Babies fed on milk substitutes cry more than babies who feed on natural mother’s milk. Explain.



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