Organic Molecules in Living Organisms – Questions


1. The four main groups of organic chemicals used by living things are:





2.  Define:

a- biochemistry

b- metabolism

3. Large organic molecules are made up of similar smaller molecules called _____________.

4. Describe:

a- Hydrolysis

b- Condensation

5. ___________ are the simplest carbohydrates.

6. ___________ are formed from many monosaccharide molecules.

7. How are lipids formed?

8. ___________ are solid at room temperature and ___________ are liquid at room temperature.

9. Proteins are made up of  long chains of subunits called ____________ joined together in particular sequences.

10. There are 20 different kinds of _____________.

11.  _______________, the protein molecule in hair and nails, is long and thin.

12. _______________, the proein molecule that carries oxygen in red blood cells is spherical.

13. Give 2 examples each for organic molecules that are

a- soluble

b- insoluble

14. ______________ are made up of long chains of subunits called nucleotides.



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