Speed, Velocity & Acceleration







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Speed  does not have direction. So it is a Scalar quantity.

Speed is measured as   meter ( distance)  /   second (time).

The unit for speed is   m/s .    (read as : meter per second )








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Displacement is the same as distance, but it has direction.

The only difference between speed and velocity is that velocity has direction, speed does not.

So Velocity is a Vector quantity.


The unit of velocity is    meter / second    or   m/s ,  similar to speed.

Direction may be shown  by a + or  –  sign.











Acceleration has direction. So it is a Vector quantity.

+  or  –  sign can be  used to show whether acceleration is increasing or decreasing.

A negative acceleration is called a Deceleration or Retardation.


Acceleration is measured in   m/s².      ( read as : meter per second squared )

[ meter/second (change in velocity)   /   second (time)]



Read :

Read more about speed, velocity & acceleration at   the physics classroom.



Watch this  youtube tutorial  to understand better.




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