A Force is a push or a pull.

Whenever an object speeds up, slows down, stops or changes direction, it means a force has acted on that object.

Force can be applied for a very short time or for a longer time.

A Force that is always acting on us is Gravity.

Force is measured in Newtons.



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All matter in the universe, whether big or small, pulls on every other matter. This force is called Gravitation.

On Earth, this Gravitational force pulls us and everything around us, towards the center of the Earth.

Earth’s Gravitational force is called Gravity.


The oceans and atmosphere are kept in place by Gravity.

The Gravitational force of the Moon causes tides on Earth.


Gravitational force is a relatively weak force.

The strength of the Gravitational force between objects does not depend on their size, but on the masses of the objects and the distance between them. When  mass of  the objects increases, gravitational force increases and when the distance between the objects increases, gravitational force decreases.

Weight is the measure of force of gravity on an object.




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