the carbon dioxide – oxygen cycle



the powerpoint presentation of the The Carbon Dioxide- Oxygen Cycle


The Carbon Dioxide-Oxygen Cycle

The Flow Of Carbon Dioxide And Oxygen Through Earth’s Ecosystems

•During the day plants take in CO2  and gives off O2  in the process of photosynthesis
•Animals take in O2  and give out CO2 in the process of cellular respiration

In the chloroplasts in plant cells, plants make sugars by combining Carbon dioxide from the air with water they absorb through their roots, in the presence of sunlight.

During photosynthesis Oxygen is produced as a by-product and released into the air as a gas.


Cellular Respiration In Animals

Within the mitochondria of animal cells, Oxygen combines with sugars to produce energy.

In this process Carbon dioxide is produced as a waste product and released into the air as a gas.



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